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Paul Samuelson on the History of Economic Analysis: Selected Essays, Edited and with an Introduction by Steven G. Medema and A. M. C. Waterman. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2015.


Articles and Contributions to Edited Collections

Inequality and Social Evil: Wilkinson and Pickett on The Spirit Level‘, Faith and Economics 63 (Spring 2014): 38-49.

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Pope Francis on the Environmental Crisis‘, The Independent Review, September 2016.

Ekonomia Jako Teologia. Bogactwo Narodow Adama Smitha‘, Kronos, April 2016.

On the Relation between Economics and Religion, Economic Alternatives, 2017.

‘William Paley (1743-1805)‘, The Palgrave Companion to Cambridge Economics, 2017.

‘The Evolution of “Orthodoxy” in Economics from Adam Smith to Paul Samuelson’, The Independent Review 24.3 (Winter 2019/20): 325-45.

‘How did Economics get its Shape? Rudi Verburg on Greed and Self-Interest’, Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics 12.2 (Winter 2019): 86-96.

‘Economics Meets War and Peace: Tolstoy’s Implicit Social Theory’ (with Geoffrey Brennan), The Independent Review, forthcoming 2020.



‘European Society for the History of Economic Thought’, ESHET Conference, Universita di Roma Tre, Rome, May 16, 2015.